We focus on compliance

CORVUS Environmental Consulting LLC was established in 2015 by Mary L. Powell, a senior consultant with 22 years of experience. Mary now works for the Mile High Flood District as Environmental Manager.  


Tim DeMasters, a senior ecologist with 15 years experience, worked with Mary for 2.5 years, progressing from contractor to business partner to owner of the firm January 2020. The team consists of 4 ecologists and 1 administrator.


CORVUS provides expertise in ecological consulting and research, and specializes in compliance with federal and state environmental regulations.

CORVUS’ focus is Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404 compliance.


CORVUS is recognized regionally for our creative and effective environmental compliance strategies.


CORVUS has established excellent working relationships with federal regulators and is known for our collaborative and down-to-earth project approach.

We are ESB Certified by CDOT

we are SBE and EBE Certified by CCoD

Services provided include:


  • Clean Water Act Section 404 compliance

  • Threatened and endangered species surveys

  • Endangered Species Act compliance

  • Wetland and riparian mitigation and restoration

  • National Environmental Policy Act compliance

  • Migratory Bird Treaty Act compliance


6419 S Marion Pl

Centennial, CO 80121


C: 303-250-2118